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False balance – more dubious science reporting

March 22, 2012

Why would Brendan Trembath include the opinion of Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination Network in a report on the emergence of a new strain of whooping cough bacteria? Looks like another case of false balance in the media to me.

The AVN has been totally discredited (see here and here). Meryl Dorey has conducted no scientific studies on diseases or vaccines. She is merely a vocal critic of vaccination. Why would she be quoted along with scientists who have actually researched these topics? Yes, it’s the old mantra of “supplying balance”.

Brendan, if you really think there is a legitimate “other side” to this issue (I don’t), why not find someone who can comment on it from a proper scientific foundation?

One Comment
  1. Martin Lack permalink

    Presumably Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science is on your list of all-time favourite books?

    For an example of my commentary on a similar subject, read this:
    MMR and MRSA – health scares and bowel movements (28 September 2011).

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