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… and here’s some good science reporting

March 21, 2012

Jo Chandler in the Sydney Morning Herald shows how to write an intelligent article on climate change. Reporting the facts without hysteria, giving a clear and accurate analysis of the background, and above all, not feeling the need to resort to fake “balance” by running to Ian Plimer or Bob Carter for the “other side” of the argument.

Well done Jo. Not so well done to for whoever wrote the nonsensical headline “Perfect storm erupts over new climate data”.

  1. Martin Lack permalink

    Thanks for alerting me to this data releasse, which is very interesting.

    Unfortunately those who continue to deny reality will accuse HadCRUT of massaging the data to produce the desired effect – i.e. “hockey stick” illusion number 17…

  2. True, Martin.

    What I liked about Jo’s piece is that she would obviously have known this but didn’t entertain the idea of giving them a forum in her article.

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