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Monbiot: How you measure the depth of our problem: by our inability even to discuss it

June 17, 2014

h/t to uknowispeaksense.

Original article at George Monbiot.

ONEPLANET Sustainability Review

This is enough to make any thinking human cry. Thank you for being the voice of reason, George.

The Impossibility of Growth

Let us imagine that in 3030BC the total possessions of the people of Egypt filled one cubic metre. Let us propose that these possessions grew by 4.5% a year. How big would that stash have been by the Battle of Actium in 30BC? This is the calculation performed by the investment banker Jeremy Grantham(1).

Go on, take a guess. Ten times the size of the pyramids? All the sand in the Sahara? The Atlantic ocean? The volume of the planet? A little more? It’s 2.5 billion billion solar systems(2). It does not take you long, pondering this outcome, to reach the paradoxical position that salvation lies in collapse.

To succeed is to destroy ourselves. To fail is to destroy ourselves. That is the bind we…

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  1. George avoided the biggest taboo part of sustainability: overpopulation. He knows, but chickened out I suppose.

  2. kurtzs permalink

    George neglected a top taboo in sustainability discussions: overpopulation, He knows full well that to alienates most religions and rights/justice focussed people.

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