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Want to do something about paywalls preventing your access to articles?

April 30, 2014

If you like doing your own research and are constantly frustrated when you can’t get access to articles without paying, here’s a hopeful development.

The Open Access Button Project wants to change all this. Here’s the pitch from their website:

 Sign up below to get the Open Access Button, a safe, easy to use browser bookmarklet that you can use to show the global effects of research paywalls – and to help get access to the research you need. Every time you hit a paywall blocking your research, click the button. Fill out a short form, add your experience to the map along with thousands of others. Then use our tools to search for access to papers, and spread the word with social media. Every person who uses the Open Access Button brings us closer to changing the system.

Seems like a worthwhile project to me. You can sign up for the button on their home page, and help with funding as well.

(Hat-tip to Tania Browne at The Guardian)

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