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Classic example of Gish Gallop/PRATT list

April 27, 2012

The ABC in Australia showed “I Can Change Your Mind About Climate Change” last night. One of the ‘respected’ experts called in by Nick Minchin was Mark Morano who proceeded to deliver one of the best example of Gish Gallop I’ve seen for a long time. If you’d like to look, it’s available (to Australian audiences, anyway) at iView for the next two weeks, and the bit I’m referring to is at the 35 minute mark.

Graham Readfearn has a post on this, with replies to Morano’s PRATT,

Update 2012/10/05: Here’s the Morano segment, proudly posted by a denier. The Gish Gallop starts at about 1:40.

  1. Martin Lack permalink

    Thanks for this, Graham. I am looking forward to tracking this programme down on You Tube or BBC or Sky.

    Judging by the description of the programme given on the Skeptical Science website recently, a recent video posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week – of Naomi Oreskes trying to convince a sceptical Australian Senator – would appear to be an extract from it…

    • The Naomi Oreskes segment didn’t make it into the final program. I’ve no idea why – it certainly makes a lot more sense (but probably less combative television) than the Morano segment. Pity, because Oreskes is really spot on with her analysis of Minchin’s cynicism.

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